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Eurofold 235/122 2004

Description: Eurofold Model 235/122, Year: 2004, Size: 350 x 650 mm, Suction feed, 2 Folding plates, 500 sheet feed table, Under power (UK), Available immediately

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Shoei Silent KT 52-4 1999

Description: Shoei Silent KT52, Year: 1999, Size: 520 x 850 mm, Flat Pile Feeder, 4 Parallel Folds, Right angle Electronic Knife, Counter, HHS Glue unit, Noise Hoods, Delivery, Under power (UK), Available immediat...

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Heidelberg Stahl Folder Ki 55-4 KTL 2008

Description: Heidelberg Stahl Folder Ki55/4-KTL, Year: 2008, Size: 90 x 550 mm, Round Pile Feeder, 4 Plates, 2 x Electronic Knives, VSA Stacker, In stock (UK), Available immediately

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Multigraf Eurofold 2009

Description: Multigraf EURO FOLD 235-121, Swiss made, Year: 2009, Max. format 35 x 65 cm, Min. format 9 x 12 cm, 2 parallel folds, The weight of the processed paper is 40-240 g, Folding speed up to 30,000 sheets /...

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Morgana Junior 1995

Description: Morgana Junior, Year: 1995, Serial number: 040089ZBAB, Tray feeder, Suction fed, 2 x Parallel Fold Plates, Rubber steel fold rollers, Shingle delivery

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