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KBA Rapida 75-5 L 2009

Description: KBA RA 75-5 L, Five colour Coater, Year: 2009, 104 million impressions approximately, ErgoTronic Console TFT Touchscreen, Semi autoplate, Preset , Technotrans Alpha C refrigeration, Ink temperature ...

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Heidelberg SM 52-5 P3 2003

Description: Heidelberg SM 52-5-P3, 5 colour perfecting press, Format: 37 x 52 cm, Year: 2003, Classic Center Remote colour & register with soft touch buttons, CP Tronic, 69 million impressions, Autoplate, Alcolor...

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Heidelberg SM 74-5 P H 1997

Description: Heidelberg SM 74-5P2H, Year: 1997, CPC 1-04, CP Tronic, Autoplate, Preset, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigeration, 187 million impressions, Perfecting 1 4 / 5 0, In working condition (UK), Avail...

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Heidelberg GTOV 52 1991

Description: Heidelberg GTOV 52 , 4 colour straight machine, Maximum sheet size: 36 x 52 cm, Year: 1991, Alcolor dampening, Quick action plate clamps, Plus version (gearing to accept numbering unit), In stock (UK)...

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Heidelberg SM 52-5 2003

Description: Heidelberg SM 52-5, 5 colour straight press, Year: 2003, Classic Center (Remote register & colour control), CP Tronic, 86 million impressions, Low pile delivery, Autoplate, Alcolor dampening, Technotr...

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