Here-List of machines sold from us.

Horizon MC8 Collator Booklet 1997

Date sold: 05-06-2016

Description: Horizon MC8 Collator Bookletmaker , Year: 1997, Serial number: 61018, 3 x Tower MC 8a/8m/8c, SPF-10 Bookletmaker, FC-10, 30 Stations, SRA3, Suction Fed, High speed collator with Front delivery, Heavy ...

Sold to: Spanish dealer

Heidelberg PM GTO 52-4P 2002

Date sold: 20-04-2015

Description: Heidelberg PM GTO 52-4P , Four colour perfecting press, Year: 2002, Format: 36 x 52 cm, 53 million impressions, Varn Kompac III Dampening, Perfecting 2 2 / 4 0, Plus version (can accept numbering unit...


Ryobi 524 HXX 1999

Date sold: 31-03-2015

Description: Ryobi 524 HXX, Four colour straight machine, Maximum sheet size: 520 x 375 mm, Year: 1999, Serial number: 1007, PCS-H Printing control system / remote controlled inking, Semi auto plate loading, Toho ...

Sold to: India

Komori Spica 4-29P 2004

Date sold: 26-03-2015

Description: Komori Spica 4-29P, Four colour perfecting press, Year of Manufacture: 2004, Serial number: 2037, PQC Printing Quality Control, AMR (Auto Make Ready), 130 million impressions, Komorimatic dampening, T...

Sold to: Europe.

Heidelberg CD 74-5 2007

Date sold: 21-03-2015

Description: Heidelberg CD 74-5, Five colour straight press (without Coater), 'C' Format: 53 x 74 cm, Year: 2007, CP2000, 58 million impressions, Alcolor dampening , Technotrans d.refrigeration, Autoplate, Auto ro...

Sold to: Middle East.

Heidelberg SM 74-4H L 2008

Date sold: 05-02-2015

Description: Heidelberg SM 74-4H L, Four colour straight press with Coater, Year: 2008, Prinect Press Center, 70 million impressions, Anilox Coater, Auto washers, Standard length delivery, Alcolor dampening with T...

Sold to: Japan.

Heidelberg SM 74-5P L 2008

Date sold: 22-12-2014

Description: Heidelberg SM 74-5-P L, Five colour perfecting press with Coater, Year: 2008, Prinect Press Center, Axis Control, 65 million impressions, Autoplate, Perfecting 2 3 / 5 0, Anilox Coater, Maximum speed:...

Sold to: Premier Print Group (UK)

Heidelberg PM 52-5 2007

Date sold: 22-10-2014

Description: Heidelberg PM 52-5, Five colour straight press, Year: 2007, Availability: immediately, Classic Center (remote colour control), CP Tronic, Diagonal register, Alcolor dampening with Baldwin cooling, Aut...

Sold to: Custom Print UK printer

Heidelberg CD 74-5P2 2005

Date sold: 10-10-2014

Description: Heidelberg CD 74-5P2-C, Five colour CD perfecting press, Maximum sheet size: 53 x 74 cm (‘C’ Format), Year: 2005, CP2000, Prinect Axis control, 117 million impressions, Perfecting 1 4 / 5 0, Autop...

Sold to: Design Technique.

Heidelberg SM 52-5P3 2005

Date sold: 30-09-2014

Description: Heidelberg SM 52-5P3 , Five colour perfecting press, Year: 2005, Serial number: 207333, Maximum sheet size: 36 x 52 cm, Maximum speed: 15,000 sph, CP2000, 32 million impressions approximately, Alcolor...

Sold to: Dealer

Heidelberg SM 74-8P-H 1998

Date sold: 27-09-2014

Description: Heidelberg SM 74-8-P5, Eight colour perfecting press, CPC 1-04 , CP Tronic, Maximum speed: 12,000 sph, Auto roller / blanket / impression cylinder washers, Alcolor dampening with Technotrans refrigera...

Sold to: Dealer

Heidelberg PM 74-4 2006

Date sold: 22-09-2014

Description: Heidelberg PM 74-4, Four colour straight machine, Year: 2006, Classic Center (Off-press colour control), CP Tronic, Easyplate, Low pile delivery, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans alpha.d refrigeration u...

Sold to: Dealer

Heidelberg CD 74-5 LX - C 2003

Date sold: 17-09-2014

Description: Heidelberg CD 74-5LX – C, Five colour straight press with Coater and extended delivery, Year: 2003 (installed 2004), ‘C’ Format (53 x 74 cm), CP2000, 75 million impressions, Axis control, Inklin...

Sold to: dealer

Heidelberg SM 74-4PH L 1995

Date sold: 13-06-2014

Description: Heidelberg SM 74-4-P3 L, Four colour perfecting machine with Coater, Year: 1995, Serial number: 620716, Maximum sheet size: 52 x 74 cm, CPC 1-04 with Flashcard, CP Tronic, Diagonal register, High pile...

This machine was SOLD

Heidelberg SM 52-2P 2004

Date sold: 30-05-2014

Description: Heidelberg SM 52-2P, Two colour perfecting press, Year: 2004, Serial number: 206819, Maximum sheet size: 37 x 52 cm, CP Tronic, 35 million impressions, Maximum speed: 13,000 sph, Suction-tape feeder t...

Sold to: General Plastic Corp S.A. Argentina

Heidelberg SM 102 Z L 1990

Date sold: 24-05-2014

Description: Two colour straight machine with Coater, CPC 1-02, CP Tronic, Alcolor dampening with Baldwin refrigeration, Quick action plate clamps, Tower Coater, Weko powder spray unit, Steel plate in feeder, Non-...

Sold to: Dealer

Heidelberg SM 74-5P3 2002

Date sold: 21-05-2014

Description: Heidelberg SM 74-5-P3, Five colour perfecting press, CP2000 Print Center, Maximum speed: 13,000 sph, Autoplate, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans beta.d refrigeration unit, Alcosmart AZR, Auto roller / b...

Sold to: Printer

Heidelberg SM 52-2 2003

Date sold: 08-05-2014

Description: Heidelberg SM 52-2 , Two colour straight press, Year: 2003, CP Tronic, Suction-tape feeder table, Autoplate, Alcolor dampening with Technotrans refrigeration, Laser cut ink ducts, Auto roller / blanke...

Sold to: Printer.

Heidelberg SM 74-2P 2001

Date sold: 26-03-2014

Description: Heidelberg SM 74-2P, Two colour perfecting press with low pile delivery, Year: 2001, Serial number: 625828, Silver machine, CP Tronic, Diagonal register, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans Alpha refrigera...

Sold to: Booths Print, UK.

Heidelberg MOFP3-H 1990

Date sold: 23-01-2014

Description: Heidelberg MOFP3H, Five colour perfecting press with high pile delivery, CPC 1-02 Remote colour and register control, Alcolor dampening with Baldwin refrigeration, Stream feeder, Quick action plate cl...

This machine was SOLD


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